Save Time with This Easy-Peasy Trick: More Flexible Thinking

How do you save time? 

It’s quite a question, especially in our busy world full of so many duties, responsibilities, and, yes, distractions.   

“I barely have time.”     

“I often distract and struggle to concentrate.”

“I like to procrastinate and postpone important tasks.”

“I try to be busy instead of being effective.”

“I can’t effectively schedule and prioritize.”

And so on.

We’ve all been there to some extent, but luckily, there’s an easy way to be effective and have a productive day every day. 

So here is my favorite trick to save time, fix many time management problems, and even beat procrastination.

Oh yes, that very procrastination- the main culprit for many not-so-good things- and the ultimate time-eater. 

This trick isn’t a magic wand, but it can help you get motivated, do things, creatively approach your schedule, be happier, and save time.

Flexible Thinking: Save Time and Have a More Productive Day

Many time management problems stem from discord between a person’s life (responsibilities, schedule, aspirations, etc.) and their current mood and ability. 

You distract from a boring chore for a breath of fresh air. 

Or stuff yourself with all kinds of duties beyond your grasp and unnecessarily exhaust yourself. 

Or procrastinate because you don’t feel like doing something. 

By the way, scientists believe procrastination is about managing emotions, not time. It means fixing your mood and finding inspiration will help.

Flexible thinking (or adaptability, if you will) is a simple and effective answer to this problem. 

Flexible thinking is the ability to see things and situations in a new, different way. 

In our context, you can listen to yourself a little bit more and adjust your life accordingly and, well, creatively.

Great, but how can it save time, beat procrastination, and skyrocket productivity? 

How Flexible Thinking Works to Save Time and Fix Time Management Problems

The idea is to be more flexible about your duties and fearlessly rearrange them if necessary. 

Of course, it works best if you are not on a strict deadline. 

You keep in mind the to-do list and creatively juggle the responsibilities. It’s a lot of fun if you try! 

A woman does laundry at the right time. She rearranges duties, if necessary, to save time.

For example, you decided to create a presentation on Monday, do laundry on Tuesday, and read your favorite book all Wednesday evening (finally 😊). 

On Monday evening, for whatever reason, you don’t feel like a presentation. You are not getting lazy. Maybe you caught the flu or had a frustrating fight with your best friend and need time to get over it. 

Here’s a great idea.

You can read the book on Monday then and move the presentation to now-vacant Wednesday. Or you can craft your presentation on Tuesday and do the laundry on Wednesday. 

Easy-peasy 😄

You can rearrange duties to save time, fix many time management problems, and be happier!  

You can rearrange things, again and again, the way you want. 

If you cannot do something today because you don’t feel like it or have no physical and mental ability, you can always do something else (also useful). 

Eventually, you will save time and boost your productivity.  Oh, did I mention you will feel much happier?

The example above is simplistic, just to give the idea, but this trick can go a long way. 

It doesn’t have to be Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. You can effectively juggle anything, including your future distant projects. 

For example, you can postpone a creative project if you feel “oh my God” about it. If you are forcing yourself, you won’t perform at the top of your ability anyway. But you can start home renovation instead, another much-needed project, which might make you more interested or even excited! 😄 

This way, you won’t feel guilty for not doing anything.

And you won’t feel victimized after forcing yourself to do that creative assignment, which you currently loathe to do. 

You will remain productive and ultimately save time.

And a sweet bonus: you will avoid so much stress and negativity 😊

This trick might seem way too simple and can be a no-brainer to some. 

But sometimes, small things make a big difference. And I know many overly ‘responsible’ people who always painfully stick to their plans even when they don’t make sense. 

“If I don’t do everything I planned today, I’m not effective and goal-oriented enough. It doesn’t matter that I’m too drained.”

“I am an achiever; I will do everything regardless.”

You don’t have to be overwhelmed. 

You can feel motivated, happy, inspired, and energetic despite duties, challenges, and anything that requires attention.

You can have a productive day and still live your best life. 

A more flexible mindset can help.

My easy trick saves time, beats procrastination, and solves many time management problems. And most importantly, it marries responsibility with a happy choice. 

You can change your lifestyle and improve your mood without sacrificing plans, just changing their order.

That easy. 

Maybe you have your own proven tips and tricks that save time and overcome time management challenges. You are more than welcome to share them in your comments ❤️

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